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"assigning genders to babies is wrong"


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I had an elderly customer who often commissioned me for the creation of legal forms for his business. He was tired of having to print out paper documents and hand write everything, especially because he had terrible penmanship. I agreed to the work, but was leery of it, because this man hardly knew how to use his PC to access email, let alone download, edit, save and print digital forms.

One day, I got a call from him regarding the most recent file we’d created. I had sent it to his email with instructions on how to download the attachment, save it and use it for his business — none of which he read, apparently.

Me: Can you tell me what’s showing up on your screen right now?

Client: It’s my document.

Me:  Err, okay, but I need to know if there are any error messages, if anything looks strange, if anything’s missing from the document… 

Client: I don’t know! It’s my document and I can’t edit it, and my tech guy says you can’t edit PDF files!

After some time troubleshooting the problem, I figure out that he’s ignored the instructions I gave him and clicked “preview document” in his email instead.

I told him that I’m going to give him some instructions over the phone to solve the issue, and if he follows them, the problem will be solved in no time. He agreed, and I started from downloading the attachment, all the way to saving a copy of the downloaded document with a test file name so that he could learn how to do this for future reference.

We spent a good half hour talking, going back over things the client didn’t understand, until…

Me: Okay, so — did you see how that saved two versions of the same document on your desktop?

Client: No.

Me: No?

Client: I didn’t do any of the stuff you said! None of it was telling me how to fix my document! Just tell me how to fix it!


I was making gift cards for a client’s small fundraiser. I made a gift card and emailed it to her; no problem. She replies back saying thanks.

Ten minutes later, I get a call.

Client: Hi, you know I have to print out three gift cards, but you only sent me one.

Me: It’s just the image. You just print out multiple copies.

Client: But there’s only one gift card. I need three of them.

Me: Since the gift cards are all the same, you can just print it out three times.

Client: But I only have ONE gift card. I need THREE of them!

At this point, I just gave up and emailed her again. This time, I reattached the same file (with slightly different names) three times.

She replied to thank me for churning out two more cards so quickly. 

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